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Cement Grout Injection

Questions and Answers Why do we go on providing water to the [dried] CEMENT of a recently built building or any such infrastructure? Posted by Karishma adminCement doesn’t dry… It hardens. This hardening process is called hydration and continues for days long after the cement has firmed up enough to walk on.As hydration continues, the […]

Chemical Grout Injection Pumps

Questions and Answers Which underground tube lines stop at Westminster?I need to get from London st pancras to westminster, does the northern line stop at westminster? Posted by redbean adminThe Jubilee, District and Circle lines stop at Westminster. The way to get there in the smallest number of stops is to take the Victoria line […]

Urethane Injection Grout

Urethane Injection Grout ADMIN JUNE 15, 2014 GROUT INJECTION Questions and Answers My House Walls are fully moist ,damp because of soil retained till slab what to do?Because of a gigantic structure(building) built behind my house which has only ground floor and slab,all walls are becoming fully damp.all switch boards such as tv,mixer, are all […]

Soil Grout Injection

Questions and Answers What will happen to the sinkhole in FL? Posted by John adminHttp://www.toadspad.net/safety/toad-sink… I definitely would move I don’t trust them filling it in it could happen again the foundation. Is this safe?A number of engineering companies routinely repair sinkholes. Techniques vary from simple injection of grout into the hole to more advanced […]

What is Underpinning?

Underpin Underpinning is the process of strengthening or stabilising foundations of an existing building.  There are several reasons why this may be necessary Original foundations of the building is simply not strong, stable enough. The supporting soil may have changed its bearing capacity.  For example water may have penetrated the area. New construction may require […]