Curtain Piling

Curtain wall of piers retains the soil at the boundary before excavation of the site
Curtain wall of piers retains the soil at the boundary before excavation of the site

Curtain piling is often initiated due to the numerous advantages coming from the occupation of the subsoil space, accomplished by digging floors into a structure. A good example for the use of this technique is the construction of subterranean parking, which leads to more security and comfort than parking on the street. Moreover, the underground space can be used for mechanical equipments, storage, leaving the upper floors free, like in multi unit developments, with important environmental advantages

Reinforced concrete curtain of piles fits in the peripheral retaining of soils, where the piles are the structural elements, which are carried out inside the ground, in an earlier stage of the excavation. Due to  the speed of execution and the equipments’ development, this method has become more popular, than other old fashioned techniques for retaining of soils,  in building construction.

The installation of an adequate drainage system is vital especially in excavation works that intersect the ground-water table level. Its main purpose is to conduct/remove the water resulting from rain, or water infiltrated in the soil.

Jet grouting and Deep Mixing is a ground improvement in situ technique. In this case, the mixing  of concrete-soil is made using stirring vertical axis tools  or horizontal ones. This procedure allows the increase of ground’s bearing capacity and restricts water inflow, ideal for the peripheral retaining in excavations which intersect the groundwater table level.

Pile dimensions 300mm to 800mm to about 5m depth for small to medium equipment.

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