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Do basement wall anchors work?Have you had wall anchors installed for bowed walls? Did they do the job? Did they straighten the wall or just hold it in place? For how long? What type did you have installed? Any details would help as we’ve had many estimates and all the contractors really seem like scam artists!

Posted by vw
adminI can only assume that you are asking about bowed in concrete foundation walls in your basement.
Anchors do work in holding the walls in place. They will not straighten the walls. This is an expensive operation involving drilling holes in your walls from the inside, then inserting large screws such as “AB Chance Anchors” into the earth then filling them with grout.
Get several estimates from contractors. Ask for different ideas such as installing a concrete pier called a “dead man” outside your house. This will tend to hold the wall in place if installed correctly.
More importantly, try to figure out why your wall is moving. Most likely, water condenses the ground outside forcing your walls to hold back more pressure than they were built for. This is called “jetting”. You will need to make sure that pressure is eliminated from your walls by either landscaping your yard so that water drains away or, more likely, you will have to install a drainage system or a “french drain” outside at the affected area.
If cracks have occured in your walls, you will have to get them sealed by a process called epoxy injection.
Use a contractor that is licensed and insured and has references such as the last few jobs with similar situations like yours.
I am sorry I cannot give you an inexpensive solution. Good luck with your wall.

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