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How to fix a foundation crack?I bought a house with a room added by the former owner themselves. They didn’t get the permit from the city. So there is some kind of sinking of the foundation (added room with size 9X9). There is a crack on the floor between the added room and the main building. What is the best way to fix it? Knock down and remove it or some other way? How much is about it ? Thank you for your help.

Posted by Paula

adminNothing you do is going to be inexpensive, and strictly speaking since it’s unpermitted construction, you may not have the right to do anything about it except demolish it – you certainly can’t file an insurance claim on it.You’ll have to read up on the codes regarding this.

My own sister in law had her addition settle after it was done, and they did a fully permitted, inspected and approved job complete with foundation interconnections and everything – it’s just one of those things. She’s learned to live with it. You may be able to look for a contractor that does sidewalk leveling – what they do is tunnel under the foundation and pump grout under pressure to raise the foundation back to where it belongs from underneath. The grout then sets and becomes the new bottom of the foundation.

No guarantees, of course. And if they know it’s unpermitted construction, they may not want to touch it. It may not be possible to pull a permit for the job if the structure they’re working on is illegitimate.

What is the per linear foot/metre cost of underpinning a house in Ontario (basic estimate ok)?

Posted by Fergie
adminWithout more information, it’s not really possible to answer your question. What are the ground conditions? Is there high ground water or bad ground such as peat? How easily can the contractor access the site? What other utilities need to be relocated (even if only temporarily)? And so on . . .
My suggestion is to look into having the underpinning done by mudjacking, pressure grouting, and installation of support piers, generally described at Http://…
Actually exposing and underpinning your foundation and / or footings is a time consuming & costly job, and the time and expense are made worse by the extensive restoration which will be required. Hope this helps – and good luck!

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