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Shoud I buy an underpinned house?Dnt no wot to do abt buying a house that’s had underpinning is it a good idea.

Posted by oliver c
adminWell, underpinning is done to rectify a problem, normally subsidence which can be caused by many factors both natural and man made.Normally underpinning will be done under the guidance of an engineer who will have completed a report. If these exist then I shouldn’t see any problem with buying it as the problem will already have been rectified.The only thing to look out for is as regards house insurance. You may have trouble insuring against further subsidence related problems. Give them a call.

Principle that underpin effective team working?

Posted by Sam H
adminSeversal principles underpin effective teamwork:
1) Open, honest communication between all team members, so they can work together smoothly.
2) Each team member knows what he/she’s good at, compared to the other team members, so that each person knows what part of the overall task shold be allocated to whom.
3) Each person does not try to hog the spotlight — it doesn’t matter who does the job, so long as it’s the person who has the best ability for that particular part. That is, each person knows when to lead and when to follow.
4) Clear understanding of the job to be done, and of the different parts that make up the overall job, so that the job can be effectively divided up among the team members.
Removing underpin on a mobile home?The mobile home I’m living in has plastic underpin and I’m wanting to take one of the panels off so I can have access under the floor for a project. Is there a trick to this? I don’t want to break it.

Posted by Jamie R
adminUnderpinning on a mobile home is very simple to remove. At the top of the underpinning is a top rail that is attached to your trailer and the bottom is a “U” channel that the underpinning sets in. Each piece of underpinning is attached to each other with channels. Simply pull up the top rail and grab the piece of underpinning that you want to remove and pull up. As you pull up you will see how the underpinning is attached to each other. When you are ready to reinstall the piece of underpinning simply make sure that you get this piece attached to the other pieces on each side of it and push down until you get to the bottom channel. If you have trouble getting the pieces back together on the sides you can pull the underpinning together so you can line up the side channels. Then pop the piece back under the top rail and your all set. Hope this info helps. ????
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