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Grout And Foundation Help?We have had cracks in our tile. Then we called the builder person. They took pictures and then brought the vp of the company, head manager, head flooring message and himself. They looked at each other like oh shit what is happening. Because the foundation is cracked were the tile is cracked. We
Paid 750000 for this house. The foundation has tons of wires and pipes tightened in. What will happen next? Will we have to move? Also I should add the cracks are moving.

Posted by Joli

adminGet a second or third or maybe even a fourth opinion from foundation contractors.

Read the following to choose a contractor:


Selecting contractors:

1/ Look up local contractors first. Work out from the closest
to your location. If someone you trust has had work done
similar to yours, ask them about the contractor they
used. If they were completely satisfied with their
contractor(s), ask for their telephone number.

2/ Select at least 5 your are interested

3/ Do a google/yahoo search on each of the contractors
you are interested in; look for praises (check who is
writing the praises to see if they have any connection to
the contractor <scam artists and coffident persons often
work in groups> google/yahoo search the people giving
the praise or references)

4/ When you are satisfied with at least 3 contractors per job,
have them give you written estimates with details of work
to be done, terms, guarantee(s), cost of extras (how
much do they charge if they find something not covered
by the contract), paymant schedules if necessary and
whatever else you can think of to protect yourself.

5/ If the contractor tries to pressure you into signing the
contract immediately with a high deposit (more than
15% – deposits over 10% normally are not paid untill material is delivered and left at your site) reject that contractor. Be careful, high pressure can be someone who sounds very convincing, but has
many reasons why you should sign on the dotted line NOW.

6/ It is always good to have another adult with you when a
contractor inspects the work to be done.

7/ If you do not get at least 3 written estimates signed by the contractor – not you (do not sign yet) , go back to 1. Repeat until you get written estimates signed by the contractor – not you (do not sign yet).

Read the estimates over with some who has some knowledge of the work that has to be done.

This may take longer than you thought; do not rush into it. Research, resaerch research, helps.

When you are ready choose by being informed.

Good Luck.

How much is professional tile cleaning and grout sealing by the square foot.?Just wondering what I could expect before calling and getting a “professional quote” from a local business in Southwest Florida. If anyone has any experience even nation wide I’d appreciate some responses. I Have about 600 square feet of tile flooring that needs the grout to be cleaned and resealed. Thanks.

Posted by abe

adminSometimes, a basic cleaning is not enough to restore an area to its original condition. Whether doing home or commercial cleaning, some additional elbow grease is needed. Tile grout cleaning is one of those things people often wish to overlook because it is not an easy task. Either they let the grout accumulate dirt or they hire a cleaning service to take care of the area.

In a bathroom, stains may appear on the tile grout due to mildew or mold. Kitchen cleaning requires removing mildew, grime, and food stains from the tile grout. Regular and commercial cleaning products are sold for use in these areas. Despite a lot of scrubbing, these may not even be able to remove the most set-in or difficult stains from the tile grout.

For these tough cases, a cleaning service performs high pressure washing of the tile.

However you may have an estimate of your need just calling the representative of the cleaning company. One of such company I do prefer is:


Contact them and evaluate the price.

Can i pressure wash tile?

Posted by Tifton
adminAs above the pressure will take the grout out. Steam is a better solution for floors or bath tile.
In the bath,steam one wall wipe down if soap scum still remains, treat with Scrubbing Bubbles type cleaner and let sit for 15min. Re-steam,and repeat if necessary.

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