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SIGNS THAT YOUR PROPERTY NEEDS UNDERPINNING There are some tell-tale signs that your home needs underpinning that you should look out for, especially if you have just purchased an older property. If you do notice any of the following damages to your property, call in an expert team to asses your property right away. CRACKED WALLS OR FLOORS Cracks to your wall and floors don’t always mean that you have problems with your property’s foundations.You can get superficial shrinkage cracks over time in your plaster, cornices and skirtings.  However, cracks to your floors or the brickwork of your house is a tell tale indication that your property needs underpinning. Deep cracks like these are often caused by uneven weight distribution as the house collapses when the foundations fail. PROPERTY LEANS TO ONE SIDE Your property tilting to one side is a notable indication that you need your property underpinned. In all honesty, if you can physically see or feel that your home is crooked then your foundations have already failed and your home will need underpinning as soon as possible. UNLEVEL FLOORS Again, a floor that is slanted or uneven indicates that your property has already sunk and will need to be dealt with urgently. GAPS AROUND WINDOWS AND DOOR FRAMES If your frames are starting to gape, then it is likely that your property is no longer aligned and it is causing real structural damage. DOORS AND WINDOWS NOT CLOSING OR LOCKING PROPERLY When a property begins to be affected by subsidence or sinking foundations, it is common for the doors or windows to either become stuck in their fittings or to no longer fit into their frames properly. This shows that the alignment level of your house is shifting and if not dealt with quickly, it can damage other more expensive elements of your house. WATER POOLS AROUND YOUR HOUSE Water pools around your property shows that the ground is no longer properly graded and there is a problem with drainage. If the ground around your property’s foundations are wet, they will subside/heave cracking structural elements of your house. TREE ROOTS GROWING INTO YOUR HOUSE A tree root can grow through your property’s foundations and cause things to break or shift alignment. Watch out for any trees that are close to your property and check that they aren’t growing towards the foundations of your building.  They cause significant moisture level changes in the soil which then swells or contracts.​​​​​​​

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