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Underpinning Services Provided

 Our Underpinning Services Provided

  • Site Inspections / Reports / Quotations
  • Engineering Design and Certification of works
  • Excavation
  • Underpinning works
  • Steel works
  • Piling
  • Grout Injection
  • Shot crete / Gunite
  • House relevelling / Stumping
  • Concreting
  • Basements
  • Foundation Repairs

Just as the paint on your house needs redoing after 10 years so too does  your house footings require maintenance. The number of years you can wait before you are forced into rectification repairs is dependent upon the quality of the original footings and the effects of water over the years on your footings.

Uncontrolled gutter overflows, non- functional down pipes, broken inground pipes, overland flow and subsurface flows eventually will cause foundation subsidence resulting in bouncy timber floors and cracked brick walls.

The sooner preventative maintenance is carried out the lesser the cost of repairs will be in the longer run.

How long should I wait?

  • If you know your foundations are getting regularly wet
  • If you have water under the house
  • If your floors are getting bouncy
  • If your render or brickwork is starting to crack

It’s time to do something about it. Procrastination is too expensive.

So if your house is cracking up, sliding down a hill, needing a new upper floor foundation or a basement you can contact best underpinning for a  quote or you can send along your engineering plans for pricing.

As there is a lot of information you may choose to digest read our other subject specific pages addressing your interest.

Underpinning Initial Costs

Phone advice:                                                     Free

Quote on engineering drawing provided:            Free

Visual Site Inspection and quotation :                  $100

Site consultation:                                                  $300

Site excavation to determine soil types/bearing

capacity and existing footing type and depths    $1000 – $2500

Written reports/ feasibility analysis:                     $500

Full Engineering Design with drawings:               $500 – $2500

Guarantee                                                             Free

Initial Fee’s deductible if works go ahead.

Phone:               0411212211

Email:                info@bestunderpinning.com.au

Works depot:      78 Church Street Appin 2560         License: 212310C

Works Administration

  • Fixed price lump sump contracts are usual
  • Progress payments according to works complete agreed on
  • Job Time Line is agreed upon
  • Contractor insurances provided
  • Critical stage Inspections performed to ensure work complies with acceptable tolerances
  • Certification of works is provided if required with Guarantee

Best Underpinning Company Policy

  • No Drugs
  • No Accidents
  • We do what we Say
  • We aim for the Best Results Possible with Budget Available
  • We Deliver completed works on Time.


This is a video showing one method of foundation repair using screw piers and some back jacking applied to existing footings.

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