House Lifted

House Jacking

Why Jack A House

There are plenty of reasons to lift a house. While most homeowners embark on such a project to avoid flood damage, others do it to add head space, add a basement or avoid moving.

Avoid Flood Damage

Flooding in Australia is not going away with millions of dollars in damage bills each year ranging from coastal towns to inland river systems  Furthermore, with the ongoing climate change, more flooding could take place all around the country.

Therefore, homeowners who live near fresh or low-bank waters are biting the bullet and protecting one of their most valuable assets. If you raise your house just 1m, you could save your home the next time a cyclone or floods hits.

Create A Basement

A more optimistic benefit of lifting your house is an added story. We could all use more space. Whether it’s a separate play area for the kids, more storage or just a place to get away from it all, basement additions don’t only give you more freedom, but increase the value of your house as well. Lifting can be more economical then digging down for basement space.

Once the house has been lifted by house jacking, a new wood floor system/concrte slab is built on the existing foundation walls and exterior frame walls are set in place. Once final adjustments are done, the house jacking company will place the house in the desired location.

Avoid Moving Out of neighbourhood

Many homeowners move to own a bigger space. While moving may not cost $100,000 (after you sell your current space), it can certainly be stressful dealing with agents, buyers and banks. To avoid the hassle and still add more space, many jack up the house instead.

In addition to added comfort, the added space will pay the day you sell your house.

Add Head Height

Back in the day, basements were not designed for future requirements in mind.. They were often used for storage before anything else. As such, architects did not pay attention to design height. Sadly, many were left with very short ceilings. Luckily, that can be fixed.

If you own a partial basement or one designed years ago, raising your house 1meter will surely clear the air and make your basement much, much more comfortable, especially for those taller than  180cm.

 House Jacking Cost Factors

There are numerous factors that can raise or lower your total cost. Those factors include the following items:

  1. House size and construction materials
  2. Number of Floors
  3. Condition of House
  4. Status of Foundations
  5. Time
  6. Permits
  7. Labour
  8. Liability / Risk factors
  9. Landscaping adjustments

Typically the costs are in the $35 to $70k range.