House Restumping

Services Offered:

  • Structural steel beam insertion
  • Brick, block and concrete new piers
  • Bracing
  • Onsite welding
  • House re-levelling
  • House raise & hold
  • Excavations under the house floor

Efficient  professional services striving to complete all house re-levelling and re-stumping projects with as little disturbance to your daily life as possible. Professionals in house re-stumping and re-levelling, ”bestunderpinning”.


 Level Pier Beam House

Floor Levelling

You can observe that these sub floors are in need of some serious work before floor re-levelling  can occur. Some piers may require repacking, some piers may need to be replaced, some may need to be underpinned.

House Lifting for Space Reclamation

A great way to find new space on your existing block of land. Lifting costs are generally a lot less and more convenient then buying new land.

House Lifting for Flood Mitigation

Flooding is increasing across Australia with it’s weather extremes. it is time we examined alternatives to repetitive flooding cycles . Flood recovery costs are very expensive. The entire community is affected and the effects complicated with rapidly rising insurance costs.

Flood hazard mitigation by property elevation is perhaps the most effective solution.

Some advantages of this approach are:

  • Lesser Premiums
  • Less risk of flooding
  • Less expenditure on recovery. The suggested figure is for every $100 spent on property elevation $400 is saved on recovery cost.
  • Stabilizers real estate values in the community
  • Preserves Heritage buildings
  • Recycling of existing buildings saves thousands of tons of landfill and thousands of trees required for new timber frame buildings.

Raising property above Flood level.
House Lift